About the Brand



müü.haa is a brand that is based on the concept of having “uniform-like” pieces that can be mixed and matched easily with existing pieces in your closet. The pieces designed and constructed were done with the intention of making sure that the wearer would feel stylish, fashion-forward, and comfortable all at the same time. The brand celebrates versatility in many aspects and forms.

Aside from that, müü.haa is also conscious in the amount of fabric consumption and wastage from productions. The designers have formulated on creating bucket hats and packaging from the excess fabrics from each piece, collection, and deadstock materials. The brand highlights the importance of being mindful about the inventory count as they aim to provide only the sufficient amount of stocks to avoid the surplus of unsold inventory. This is to contribute and hopefully influence other brands to move in a more conscious mindset to produce only what is needed, preventing massive amounts of material waste.

müü.haa is supported and powered by the Benilde Hub of Innovation for Inclusion (@benildehifi) @ Peter D. Garrucho Jr. Innovations Institute. They first approached the designers and brand owners of HA.MÜ in 2019 to offer and provide support for their endeavours as a commercial brand. By the end of 2019, the decision of creating a diffusion brand from HA.MÜ was made. The Hub of Innovation for Inclusion gave the brand support through its management and mentorship programs as the designers slowly built their ideas into products and eventually lead up to the official debut of their ready-to-wear brand.

For inquiries, you can here us via info@muu-haa.com
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