The Two-Faced Quilted Vest (Limited Edition)

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The Two-Faced Quilted Vest

While we were coming up with ideas on how we wanted to go about doing the vests for this line, we got stuck for a bit and we were doodling a lot before it hit us. Why not simply make a vest with these doodles? We also wanted to play around with shapes to create an interesting contrast of textures between the doodle lines, solid shapes, and two different coloured backgrounds. Hence, the Two-Faced Quilted Vest was born! 

Anyway, a little back story on this piece. We originally developed this piece in 2019, pre-corona days. When the pandemic hit, we had to restrategize the direction of the brand and we decided that this piece might not be a part of our new plans. However, since we already have a few on-hand pieces, we decided to release them with the SS 2021 collection. The sibling piece to this style is its pinstripes version.

This piece is free size, hence the tie loops on the sides so you can freely adjust it according to how you would like to wear it. 

Update: We have fully used up our colourful striped fabric for previous orders so we will be replacing it with another print. For customers who will be ordering this, please take note and we will reach out to provide you swatches for the replacement.